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This is a humor blog. I hope you all laugh so hard you piss yourselves.

Anonymous asked: you need to stop using that damn B) thing *takes your shades away*




bold text in lowercase kinda feels like when a parent is really steamed but they’re talking in a low composed tone so you know you’re in the shit now

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horoscope:you breathe on a daily basis
me:omg that is so me how did they do that


When yo friends be playing too much

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password is too weak? what is wrong with you coach. how do you think password feels? password is trying his hardest, and you’re only lowering his self esteem. leave password alone.

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A-Z: Ask me about "bands"

A- 5 bands I LOVE
B- 5 bands I HATE
C- 5 bands i don't care for
D- The band I've seen live the most
E- Band that you don't like that a lot of people do
F- Band that you like that a lot of people don't
G- Best Vocalist of a band in your opinion
H- Best Guitarist of a band in your opinion
I- Best Bassist of a band in your opinion
J- Best Drummer of a band in your opinion
K- Favorite Record Label
L- Least Favorite Record Label
M- If you could put a band together of your favorite vocalist,drummer,guitarists,and bassist, who would those people be and why?
N- Name only SIX bands you'd put on a dream tour of your choice
O- Name four bands you wish would stop playing music
P- Name four bands you wish would stay together until you die
Q- Name one band that you think is VERY underrated
R- Name one band that you think is VERY overrated
S- Favorite music "fest" (Warped,Mayhem,Bamboozle,Lolapalooza,etc)
T- Favorite tour(that has already happened) of all time
U- Moshing at concerts? Yes or no?
V- Hardcore dancing at concerts? Yes or no?
W- Crowd Surfing at concerts? Yes or no?
X- Favorite band with a FEMALE vocalist?
Y- Pick 3 bands for each situation(put one band in each situation):I would throw a party with __? I would go on tour with__? I would get in serious trouble with__?
Z- Best band you have seen live?
Anonymous asked: post selfie





"i can’t figure out this problem"

teacher: use your head


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